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Monday, March 09, 2009

Obligatory Watchmen Post

Saw it at Imax, came out with the firm intention never to go to Imax again: if you're not in the exact sweet spot it's like being in the very front row at a normal theatre.

Reasonably faithful to the original comic, which is the reason I go to these movies, to judge; the plot change at the end to the nature of the McGuffin may even have been an improvement.


However, the upped violence did cause some problems; when Drieberg and the bint beat off the knottops in the alley at least two of the latter die, and part of the contempt with which Rorschach and Adrian (and Moore) feel for the costumes is exactly their lack of seriousness, lack of impact, lack of willingness to go to the limit. Similarly, when Dr. M turns Moloch's thugs to dogmeat that gives the crimefighting too much weight, too little the self-indulgent game that the Comedian correctly perceives it as - too little, in short, like the comics. You can't really go beyond the comics code unless that's where you start.

Interestingly, Rorschach's cleavering of the childkiller was greeted with near-universal guffaws.

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