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Monday, February 23, 2009

Beauty and Brains

Which doesn't mean I embrace Keynesianism (I hesitate to say I embrace anything I don't understand - cf. Marxism, post-modernism, and quantum theory) - just that it seems odd to boast that nobody's agreed with you for the last seventy-five years.

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John Hannoush said...

Did he say that? It certainly isn't the case that there has been 100 per cent agreement on the specifics of the General Theory for 75 years (in particular the concept of the aggregate demand curve). Not that politicians are thinking about aggregate demand curves.
On your introductory comment, the issue isn't really about whether you embrace something or not but what your best assessment is of a theory. So not embracing Marxism or Keynesianism still leaves a wide range of possible attitudes to them. Interesting that for example few politicians in government at the moment seem reluctant to embrace Keynesianism in the "spending = stimulus" form.

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