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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kim Jong Unexceptional

When Kim Jong Un came to the throne we all made fun of his hairstyle, but more and more he seems to be pretty much in the hipstream.  On the train or in the street more and more buzzcut back and sides and one or another form of souffle top.  Was he an actual style guide - people looking at him and thinking "Hey, I could look really cool in that" - or is it just that all parties concerned are dead leaves floating on the zeitgeist?  Answering that question would require more work than I - fuck it, let's google "KJI haircut".

Well, no real data, other than the the peak fuss about the KJI look was back in 2014 when there was a fake news story about all Korean men being required to use it/eschew it. The question remains moot.

I really don't blog terribly often these days, do I?  Perhaps I ought to move to tweeting.

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