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Friday, December 11, 2015


AUSTRALIAN surfer Owen Wright has been taken to hospital after a heavy wipe-out while practising for the Pipeline Masters.The world No. 5 returned to his hotel room after taking multiple waves to the head, but woke up later struggling to breathe and was visibly disoriented.
“He got a nug, then a big wide set came and he got three or four on the head,” fellow Australian Matt Wilkinson, who watched it unfold, told
Nug?  Never heard of it.


In the game DragonAge Nugs are animals that populate the underground locations of Thedas. They are small, hairless, nearly blind creatures with pointed snouts for digging.[1]They resemble a cross between a rabbit and a pig, or a naked mole rat or anaardvark.

or in Urban Dictionary,

1. A high quality bud of marijuana.
2. The Dank.
3. See ganja.
Gayle packed her last nug into the bowl and smoked it on the way to work.

Ah, here we are - in Wictionary's Glossary of Surfing:


Slang for a good wave (Golden Nugget)
They don't give any OED-style dated quotes, but I'd conclude that it's a fairly recent term, and one that hasn't yet fought its way out of a patois.  Which is odd - NUG is a short simple sayable word, and you'd think the Anglo-Saxons would have seized on it for some basic concept or object; a large turnip, or a horse's scrotum, or your relationship to your mother-in-law's goddaughter.

By comparison, 'nuffy' was practically 'antidisestablishmentarianism'.

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