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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Why do I bother?

The breakingpoint in suspension of disbelief in Terminator: Genisys came not at any point in the scientific arglebargle but at the end when they blew it all up - an end that was perfectly fine in earlier Terminators but which now is an old person's hangup, inconceivable to the young; they know that no program would be held on a mainframe rather than in the cloud, meaning that it wouldn't miss a beat in launching the nukes.  In the end clip, of course, we see it survive, but still survive in one location.  By the time the next iteration lurches round this'll be looking to the young putzes as if Skynet is carved into stone tablets or illuminated on vellum.

Oh, and this Sarah Connor was a wipeout; no charm, pizazz or, most importantly, drive.  She wasn't driven.  If she's not taken in, how can we be?

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