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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hogwarts chapel

That was another of the unlikely things about Hogwarts; there didn't seem to be any religious observance.  By which I don't mean that it should be denominational (Anglican, one might guess) but that wizardry seemed to be entirely secular - no higher unearthly power, no Hecate even as a personification.  This might be a way of taking, so to speak, the curse off the notion of pacts with the devil, but it's still hard to envisage a world that contains wizardry but not the supernatural.


Anne B. said...

I've wondered about that myself - especially as they all seem to celebrate Christmas.

Chris Borthwick said...

Sorry about the review delay, Anne - for some reason we get a lot of spam.

Christmas, yes, but secular - no midnight mass or even choral services (they don't sing much, either).

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