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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Catch

Star Wars, Draft 3;

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Don't you have a Kiber crystal?

I had one, but it was taken at the battle of Condawn...

That's where my father was killed.

Yes. It was a black day. One of my disciple's [sic] took the crystal and became a Sith Lord. 
It was a black day. The few crystals that remain are in the possession of the Sith Lords on Alderaan. 
That's how they've become so powerful.

Do the Sith know the ways of the Force?

They use the Bogan Force.

Like Bogan weather, or bogan times. I thought that was just a saying.

There are two halves of the Force of Others. One is positive and will help you if you learn how to use it. 
But the other half will kill you if you aren't careful. This negative side of the Force is called the Bogan, 
which is where the expression came from, and it is the part that is used by the Dark Lords 
to destroy their opponents. Both halves are always present. 
The Force is on your right, the Bogan is on your left. The Kiber Crystal can amplify either one. 
The Crystal Darth stole was the last one in the possession of the Jedi. 
When he joined the Sith, the power of the Dark Lords was completed.

Artoo and Threepio are already in the speeder, as Luke and old Ben climb in. 
The speeder starts with a low hum.

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