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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A tip of the Borthwick hat to

a Birther case site that is so bottomlessly deranged that the Birther arguments are the least crazy thing about it.
It may be referred to as
Susan Herbert, Susan Clemons, Ray M., Richard Pait, Pryce P., Al Franken,Kurt Kallenbach, Tim Thomas, Linda Thomas, Charles Rangel, Rick Webbe, Henry Adams, Tommy Pritchard, A. Snitker, Ron and Cameron Gardiner,Hugh Everett, Ethan and Christopher Quinones, Wen Ho Lee, The Iroquois, Sioux, Hopi, Thomas Jefferson & the other American Founders etc. etc. et al 
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, William Suter, Danny Bickle, Timothy Gaithner, Donald B Verrilli, Jr., Eric Holder, Bill Ayers and the US, Canada, China, North Korea, Mexico, Norway, France, Great Britain and the rest  of  Earth etc. etc. et al.

 A chunk taken more or less at random:

MN is next door to Canada who we truly believe holds the vault copies of Obama’s records as he entered North America via Canada and then the US as an infant or so we allege, MN is next door to IL that is the state Obama claimed to represent as a Senator and is the last known address we have for Bill Ayers, and MN lies above the 49th parallel making it the northernmost  state  in  the  48  contiguous  states  which  is  relevant  to the  science  in  this  case.
  No other state besides Alaska lies above the 49th parallel. This has to do with Jefferson having correctly weighed the Earth and discerned a universal mean not Lord Calvert as Jefferson was closest to magnetic north; it also has to do with cartographers and why they “rotated” their maps so that North appears on the bottom as the map or compass matching the 1362 MN land claim is rotated as polar north is not the same thing as magnetic north.

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