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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Personal Grooming, Importance Of

From Lancaster and York, the War of the Roses, by Alison Weir:
On 13th October 1399 Henry was crowned in Westminster Abbey with oil said to have been given by the Virgin Mary to St Thomas a Becket for the sanctifying of a king who would regain the realm lost by his ancestors. Unfortunately, as the sacred moment of the anointing arrived, the Archbishop discovered that the King's head was alive with lice.
So, as Rose says, what happened then? Did the Archbishop withhold the benison? Did he swash the oil around in the hope that St Thomas could work a miracle and do a NeutraLice? Did he scream "Ooh, yuck" and jump, spilling everything so that the courtiers all slipped in the oil and did pratfalls? Regrettably, we are not told. Just that
At the offertory, Henry dropped his gold coin, which rolled away and could not be found.
So, more slapstick, then.

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