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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Step by Step

I mean, if someone wrote to you to say "the status of the phone-hacking case is as bad as we feared" wouldn't you conclude too that it was just spam and hit delete?

I can remember once confronting - at Lincoln, this was - someone who'd dropped a note in my pigeonhole complaining that they hadn't been consulted on something.
"You should have come to the meeting that was about exactly this," I said.
"Nobody told me," she said.
"We sent out notices," I said.
"I didn't get one," she said.
"I shoved it under your door," I said.
"I've only got your word for that," she said.
"You wrote your note to me on the back of it," I said.

It's not often you get a score like that. But Murdoch is getting there.

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