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Monday, November 28, 2011

Is there no steepness in the stairs to hell?

The Herald-Sun is plumbing new depths:

Boat people in our suburbs

Jessica Marszalek and Simon Benson November 26, 2011 12:00AM

THOUSANDS of asylum seekers are expected to flood the suburbs as the Federal Government rolls out bridging visas allowing boat people to live and work in the community and collect welfare.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has handed out the first bridging visas for 27 men, mostly Afghans and Sri Lankans, whose refugee claims are being assessed.

Mr Bowen said the men would be released from detention centres, including Melbourne, in coming days - with 100 a month to follow.

It comes as a secret government briefing note seen by the Herald Sun suggests thousands of boat people will soon be transferred into the community.

The NSW Government note reports a warning by the Immigration Department this week that arrivals will balloon when word spreads that asylum seekers arriving by boat are no longer to be held in detention.

"Once it is widely known that IMAs will live in the community while being processed, the level of entries into Australia are very likely to escalate," the note said.

Flood? FLOOD? At 1200 per year for Australia that's fewer than ten per electorate, two to a municipality, half a refugee to a POSTCODE, dammit. And most postcodes run to several suburbs. Hardly a drizzle, even with clumping.

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