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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Damn partially retracted

My letter did get up, this time, with only minor (though disruptive) cuts (replaced, from memory, in italic).
Irrelevant act

A judge has said that "Swearing evidence under oath was fundamental to the administration of criminal justice". Nonsense.

AUSTRALIA is a secular country, and all that is required of a legal statement is that there be criminal sanctions for its breach. Having your hand on a Bible is as irrelevant as crossing your heart and hoping to die (''Justice 'undermined' by police not swearing oath'', The Age, 19/10). In the days when people believed that breaching an oath would send you to hell for eternity, it may have been a sensible precaution to require one.

Now that nobody at all believes this, we can surely move on and relieve God of what must be a considerable administrative burden. Having Tony Mokbel on the streets is surely too high a price to pay for the Christian religion.

Chris Borthwick, Brunswick

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