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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sergeant major general

Mr. Hepworth, who has been complaining about abuse by [Roman] Catholic priests, left the Catholic church for the Anglican, then that for the Traditional Anglican Communion, and is not pleading for readmission as a church into the [Roman] Catholic church, which is fine, but I do have issues with his ranking. He is described, and describes himself, as Archbishop Hepworth.
The Bishop of Australia, the ACCA's only diocese, is Archbishop John Hepworth, Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion.
The Anglican Catholic Church in Australia (ACCA) is the regional jurisdiction of the Traditional Anglican Communion for most of Australia and also provides episcopal oversight for New Zealand and Japan. The Church of Torres Strait has jurisdiction in Queensland from the Torres Strait islands to just south of Townsville, as well as personal jurisdiction over Torres Strait Islanders throughout Australia.

So he's the archbishop of a church with one bishop; if he does anything wrong in his role as bishop, he'll be hauled over the coals by him as Arch. This seems.... inflated. I'd just like some kind of assurance that he actually has other underlings further down and isn't Archishop of Australia, Bishop of Australia, Prebendary, Canon, Archdeacon, and Deacon of Australia, and Vicar of Australia (nr. Moonee Ponds).

And here, if ever there was, is the spot for that old Round the Horne joke;

Enter Archbishop.
Kenneth Williams; "Hello, ducky!
(to audience) Well, it said 'arch', didn't it? If you want butch, I can do butch! I'm versatile!"

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