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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walking to the station

Just for the record,
- from front door to first bus stop: 272 metres
- from first busstop to second busstop:224 metres
- from second busstop to hospital busstop; 332 metres
- from hospital busstop to station busstop: 334 metres
- from station busstop to station platform; 180 metres
making a total door-t0-train of 1442 metres.

All figures approximate, based on a 1 pace = 1 metre.

I believe there's a google maps app that will check distances; must doublecheck.

1 comment:

. said...

Checking my paces against a sign saying 220 metres to railway station I'm off by a coule of percent. Unless the sign was rounded off, I suppose.

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