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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Saw Hancock last night. A mess, as reported; possibly not as bad as I expected: unrealistic not because it postulated the existence of superheroes but because it copped out [even before the happy ending copout] - the superheroes re basically nice people (that is, people whose interests are the same as ours) in a basically nice society (where the only real problems are used by holdup-levelcriminals). We shall have to wait for Watchmen to get the real lowdown.

And how do you get to qualify as a criminal mastermind if you make an attack on a superhero that could only possibly work if a completely unpredictable mysterious loss of powers comes upon him?

And sexist; the male hero must save lives, the female hero has apparently no obligations beyond being a good wife.


plmokn said...

Spoiler request: What was the surprise thing in the middle (something about why Theron character didn't let Hancock near her kids)?

Chris said...

Well, if it's spoilers you want, here;

Theron is a superpowered immortal too, like Smith, and is ticked off at smith for having fucked up her life in 3045 bc, 333 bc, 20 bc, 80 AD, 142 ad, and 735-1922 AD inclusive.

plmokn said...

Glad I decided not to see it - Watchmen sounds better - is this the one going straight to DVD as a kind of booster for Hancock?

Chris said...

No, Watchmen is (a) the truly great Alan Moore comic - - which you should read, or
(b) the film based on it, which is coming out next year.

plmokn said...

Sorry, I got it upside-down. Snyder's "Tales of the Black Freighter" is the one going straight to DVD five days after "Watchmen" is released: cross-promotion, link-in etc to try to boost DVD sales.
All well with you guys I hope.

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