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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Art and Science

Having recently purchased the NGV (Australia) Numbers for Children book I noted that two of the counts (men and trees) were wrong. Having just walked through the Potter I note that this inability to count to ten seems endemic in the gallery. Specifically,
1) in Longstaff's Sirens there are three sirens in the foam, not, as the label has it, two;
2) in Fiona Hall's marvellous Paradisus series her birthdate is given in the accompanying text as 1953 and the date of the works on display as 1962. This would seem to require an unusual precocity in a number of departments.
3) In the wall text on Buvelot the phrase "Buvelot's reputation eventually surpassed..." is given twice rather than once.
Getting one piece of arithmetic wrong is allowable; after five I begin to worry about their accounts.


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