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Monday, August 29, 2005

Follow the money

email to ING Life Insurance.

I am in the market for life insurance. I am also a true Christian (or try to be; "all have fallen short of the glory of God") in the Assemblies of God. My church believes that the Lord will return sooner than you think, and when he does the church will be taken bodily up to heaven (see
The 'Left Behind' series by Tim La Haye goes into this in some detail, explaining that we will be snatched from our cars or our seats on the train or our beds, depending when it happens.
Obviously, this has implications for insurance. What I need to know is whether ING will regard the raputured churchmembers as dead, and pay their life insurance out, or whether it will take the devil's way out and say that those people have just disappeared and their beneficiaries will have to wait seven years and have them declared dead. It's just in those seven years of tribulation that my dear ones (who are not true Christians) (it is an agony to me) will need all the money they can lawfully get, and at the end of seven years Jesus will return in glory and begin the millenium, and insurance money will no longer be an issue, so you can see why I need some reassurance on this matter.
Please send me any queries you may have, if you want a fuller explanation. Indeed, if you want to discuss God's word at any time please call on me before it is too late. In any case, however, can I please have your considered opinion on your liability in the event of the Rapture coming?
Yours sincerely
Chris Borthwick


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